Your Building Needs a Strong Foundation

Hire an experienced foundation contractor in Rocky Mount, NC

The general contractors at MDE Home Repair and Paint provide foundation repairs in Rocky Mount, NC and the surrounding areas. From small cracks in your home’s foundation to huge settling issues at your office, there’s no issue too big or too small for our contactors to take on. We handle any necessary repairs below the subfloor of your home or commercial property.

Call 252-903-0150 the minute you suspect a foundation problem at your commercial or residential property.

5 signs your foundation needs repair

5 signs your foundation needs repair

Not sure how to spot foundation issues? Check for:

  1. Cracks in your drywall
  2. Gaps between the wall and the ceiling
  3. Water leakage in your basement or crawl space
  4. Doors that won’t shut or lock properly
  5. Sloped floors

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s time to get a second opinion from a foundation expert. Contact MDE Home Repair and Paint ASAP to send a contractor to your property for a foundation assessment.